Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Current news!

Had another "flash" 5/$25 regular length momma cloth, and 5/$30 long length sale on Facebook last night for about 6 hours! So lots of happy momma fluff to make and some more new customers to welcome to "the brighter side of having a period" - Sweet Lil' Mama (part of review on facebook page. www.facebook.com/katskreations1205)

Working on 5 diapers tonight. 3 of them are different than I usually make "If you trust me" diapers are what they began off as being. The prints of fabrics the customers liked I didn't have a large enough cut of for the outside of a diaper. So with a little splicing, and some decorative work on them I can't wait to see the final results and hope they love them too!

Another item picking up in popularity currently are nursing pads! They are contoured and $8 a set! SOOO much better than their disposable counterparts!

Lots of new pictures to come so if you have not headed over to the facebook page, where most the action is - JOIN US :)

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